Killing All on Board

2019. Scaffolding, Iron Hooks, Iron Chains, Resin, Snake Skins, Knee Pads, Shark’s Mouth, Single Channel Video. Size Variable.

Fully Equipped

2019. ABS Plastic, Stoving Varnish. Size Variable.

Brain 02

2019. Marble, Barbed Wire, Spray Paint. 50×21×23cm.

Brain 01

2019. Marble, Spray Paint, Hook, Fishing Line, Fishhook, Rubbers, Bells. 40×18×20cm.

A Delightful Hunting Experience 02-03-04

2019. Synthetic Foam, ABS Plastic, Spray Paint.


2019. Marble, Engine Parts, Metal Poles, Plastics, Resin. 50×52×65cm.


2019. UV Print on Alu Dibond. 60×80cm.

Skin Block

2018. Marble, Engine Cylinder Head, Car Aerial, Turquoise, Aventurine, Elbow Pipe, Plastic Caps. 50×33×60cm.

Distorted Tongue

2018. Marble, Engine Cylinder Head, Metal Poles, Stone. 24×28×89cm.


2018. UV Print on Alu Dibond. 110×80cm.

Horse Riding

2018. UV Print on Alu Dibond. 80×120cm.

Tian Mu


Tian Mu’s practice spans paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations, with advanced

technological methods of production such as 3D rendering/scanning, biological and commodity

forms. He probes the limits of the human body and the material world to interrogate the unforeseen

vulnerabilities brought on by technology. His work examines the embodiment of human projection

and spiritual characteristics from subculture and myth. Questioning how person-to-machine

exchanges reflect the contemporary human condition. Perhaps humankind is replaced by animals,

and technological animism is taken on the mystical and the superstitious. and these cycles of

creation, extinction, rebuild guides the future construction and production


Born in 1985

2011  Graduated from Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

2019  Attended MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art

Currently works and lives in Shanghai



2019 Hive-Becoming XXXIV – Tian Mu: Party of the Redundant, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

          Killing All On Board, Dirty House, London



2021 OCEAN 2.0, Online Exhibition, SlimeEngine

          ZHI XU, NALI Patio, Beijing, China

          With Sun, ATP Club, Xiamen, China

          When and Only When, the Strong Wind Rolled up the Surge, Aranya Art Center, Qinhuangdao, China

          Scenes of Inclination, 33 Manor Place, London, UK

          Fertile Laziness, Platform Southwark, London, UK

          FLYING BLIND+ONS, 2021 BFC Art Festival, Shanghai, China

          New Driving Force: The Collision of Art and Science, K11, Shenyang, China

2020 Sci-Fi Story, NAFI 2020, Nanjing, China

          Bazaar Flowers & Birds 2020, Imagokinetics, Hangzhou, China

          Online Art Loop, Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2020, Beijing, China

          Tank Art Festival, 36 Rooms, Tank Shanghai, Shanghai, China

          Our Ashes Make Great Fertiliser, PUBLIC Gallery, London, UK

          SURE INN, 2020 Yokohama Triennale, Yokohama, Japan

          Being of Evils, Hive Center For Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2019 Printing Sound 3, BOOKSTORE OF BUGS Librairie Avant-Garde, Nanjing, China

          Bazaar Flowers & Birds IV, Imagokinetics, Hangzhou, China

          STORY: BORN AFTER THE ’85 NEW WAVE, Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2019, Beijing, China

          The Force Temple, Tank Shanghai, Shanghai, China

          Bad Habits, The Wrong—New Digital Art Biennale 2019/2020

          Cherry Pickers, 36 Rue de curé, Luxembourg City

          MA and Other Postgraduates 2019, Atkinson Gallery, Millfield, UK

2018 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London, UK

          The Essential Exhibition, Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2016 30 Celsius, ASC Gallery, London, UK

          Far and Few Between, Format Gallery, London, UK

2015 Display Distribute No.5: Parallel Trade, Bazaar Compatible Exhibition Space, Shanghai, China

2014 The Gallery: An Alternative Exhibiting Space, Kings College, London, UK

          SE1 Open Studios, Bermondsey Project, London, UK

          Passport to Pimlico, Churchill Garden Estate, London, UK

2013 East Asian Connections, Nara Prefectural Library and Information Centre, Nara, Japan

          Re-growing – The first Biennale of UK Chinese Artists, Asia House, London, UK

2012 Three Cases and a Carry on, Catherine Dianich Gallery, Brattleboro Vermont, US

          The Halo Effect, Vart Center, Shanghai, China

          Light in the Dusk, Frameless Gallery, London, UK

          Chelsea Collective – Inaugural Exhibition, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich, UK

2011 Dragon in the Lion’s Den, Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London, UK

          From Charing to Kings, Agene B, London, UK

          Bloodline, Apart Gallery, London, UK

A Gift from Medusa

Between the Present and the Future

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