A Girl with Her Satellite

2020. Oil on canvas and board. 60.7×50cm.


2020. Oil on canvas. 60.6×60.6cm.


2020. Oil on board and canvas. 60.6×45.5cm.


2019. Oil on canvas. 80.4×65.3cm.


2018. Oil on board. 45.5×38cm.


2018. Oil on canvas. 100×82cm.

Plastic Friend

2018. Oil on canvas. 130×130cm.


2018. Oil on canvas. 130×97cm.


2018. Oil on canvas. 130.3×97 cm.

Weight of Night

2018. Oil on panel. 51×36cm.

About Friendship

2018. Oil on panel. 51×36cm.

Twin Stars

2017. Oil on canvas. 130×97cm.


2017. Oil on canvas. 130.5×97cm.

Mindful Start

2015. 布面油画. 162×162cm.

Seven Pointed Star

2015. Oil on board. 41×41cm.

Floating Girl

2014. Oil on board. 100×80cm.

Moon Over the Old Tibetan Carpet (Homage to the Great Balthus)

2014. Oil on canvas. 145.5×97cm.


2014. Oil on canvas. 130.2×97cm.


2012. Oil on canvas. 65.2×53cm.

The Girl Records Everything

2011. Oil on canvas. 162×112cm.


2010. Acrylic on board. 36.6×28cm.

A Moment

2008. Acrylic on board. 100×80cm.


2008. Acrylic on board. 41×41cm.

Velazquez’s Bird

2003. Acrylic on board. 45.5×33.2cm.

The Escaping Box

2001. Acrylic on board. 30×30cm.

Spin the box

2000. Acrylic on board. 30×30cm.


1999. Acrylic on board. 19×33.3cm.

A Letter

1999. Acrylic on board. 24.5×33.5cm.

Double Stars Ⅱ

1996. Acrylic on board. 112×112cm.

Masaru Shichinohe

b. 1959, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

1981 Graduated from Musashino Art University, College of Art and Design

Currently lives and works in Tokyo


Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Tokyo Whisper”, Hillside Gallery / Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

2017 “Phantasmagoria”, Hillside Gallery, Tokyo

2013 “Kokusyoku Sumire Concert ~Tribute to Masaru Shichinohe~”, Parabolica-bis, Tokyo

2012 “The Girl Records Everything”, Omega Algea, Tokyo

2010 “Black Angel”, Ping Art Space, Taipei

2009 “Little Lady”, Aoki Gallery, Tokyo

2007 “Dark-haired Cinderella”, Aoki Gallery, Tokyo

2004 “Platonic”, Aoki Gallery, Tokyo

2002 “Converging Parallel Lines”, Aoki Gallery, Tokyo

2001 “A Boy without T”, Aoki Gallery, Tokyo

2000 “Masaru Shichinohe Solo Exhibition”, ArtWall, Tokyo

1994 “Physics Discourse”, HB Gallery, Tokyo



2020 “Tokyo Whisper”(Hive Center for Contemporary Art)

2017 “Phantasmagoria”(Ping Fine Chinese Art & Co.)

2010 “Black Angel”(Ping Fine Chinese Art & Co.)

2005 “Oishasan-gokko”(Asukashinsha Publishing)

2001 “Campanélla-The Mechanical Boy and the Magic Bugle” (PAROL Publishing House)

2002 “Hako-Shonen”(PAROL Publishing House)



Long Museum, Shanghai

G Museum, Nanjing

Tokyo Whispers

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