We are delighted to announce that Hive Center for Contemporary Art will attend the first Basel HK Online Exhibition spanning from March 18th to 25th in 2020. Themed by Synecdoche, the orient, Hive Art aims to showcase artworks with oriental characteristics for the online debut. From March 20th, public audience are welcome to access to our Basel HK online viewing room via the following link: https://bit.ly/artbaselOVR ( press “Read More” at the end of the text to enter)
Synecdoche, the Orient is an online display of Art Basel with Eastern features, staged by Hive Center for Contemporary Art. All Eastern artists though, the participants vary greatly in personal experience and collective memory, which, plus the range of their ages and the variety of the places where they’re based, makes their works totally different in geopolitical culture and philosophy of art, individuals and politics. As a word developed from Western-centrism, “Orient” is employed here to liberate Eastern art from its conventional concept through the power and appeal of art.
This is an online exhibition with Eastern features. Every participating artist is rather representative among his peers. Each one of them being a rhetoric, altogether, they can give the world an honest look at the contemporary art of the East.

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