Recently, the 2020-2021 Porsche “Young Chinese Artists of the Year” Award was finally awarded. Hive artist Wang Yi became one of the three final winners.

In June 2021, Porsche released the nomination list for the 2020-2021 “Chinese Young Artists of the Year”. Hive artist Wang Yi was nominated and participated in the nomination exhibition “Spectacles” at the 9th Shanghai ART021 Art Fair in November 2021.

Porsche 2020-2021 “Chinese Young Artists of the Year” Award is co-hosted by Porsche China and the Shanghai Art Foundation (Cc Foundation) and co-organized by ART021 Contemporary Art Fair Shanghai. Three young artists, Wang Yi, Guo Cheng, and Liu Xin, have become the final winners of this selection by virtue of their highly personal artistic expression and creativity, as well as their constructive and critical innovative thinking. Through installation, video, virtual reality, painting and other different forms of art works, the three artists made their own answers to the theme of the group exhibition “Spectacles”, showing their in-depth exploration and interpretation of topics such as humanities, society and technology.

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