Hive Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the appointment of Laura Shao as the Director of International Business Development. Laura Shao, who was previously an expert in the 20th and 21st century art department of Christie’s Hong Kong, joined the Hive team after nearly five years of outstanding work at the multinational auction company, and will start her new role in January 2022.

As the director of Hive International Business Development Department, Laura Shao will strengthen and expand the interaction between Hive cooperative artists and international foundations, museums, galleries, art fairs and other art institutions, especially in Western countries, and will explore the development layout of NFT art. While promoting Chinese contemporary art to the outside world, it also introduces foreign artist cooperation and market collection resources, and conducts two-way international art exchanges through exhibition activities. Laura Shao will also join the Hive Administrative Committee led by Executive Curator Tong Juanjuan, and jointly plan and implement the work plan of Hive on the art business level along with other members including Yang Jian, Director of the “Hive·Becoming” Project, Yu Fei, Director of Exhibition Department, Hedi Feng, Director of Media Department, Shao Lin, Director of Sales Department, and Pang Yanguo, Director of Exhibition Service Department and other colleagues.

Xia Jifeng, founder and curator of Hive Contemporary Art Center, said: “I am very pleased and honored that the development direction and corporate culture of Hive have been highly recognized by Laura Shao, and her participation will undoubtedly make the vigorous Hive team more dynamic. At the beginning of its establishment, Hive had a desire to base itself on the local area, radiate to Asia, and expand the global art exchange and promotion. We tried to change the imbalanced state of Chinese and Western art industries. It’s a long-term, hard, and at the same time exciting project. Laura Shao’s artistic expertise, industry experience and rich network resources, combined with Hive’s commitment to promoting the development of Chinese contemporary art, her arrival will undoubtedly accelerate this process. In an era of rapid changes, the aesthetic characteristics of contemporary art are constantly evolving globally, and China is no exception. I hope that Hive can respond to the current opportunities and challenges, and have the ability to pre-set and grasp the mainstream of art’s new generation aesthetics, including preparing for the upcoming normalization of NFT art, in order to enrich and expand its own business and the breadth and depth of the inherent territory of Chinese contemporary art. ”

Laura Shao said: “I am very honored to join the Hive team. Hive is one of the most dynamic and influential galleries in the field of Chinese contemporary art, bringing together the backbone and young forces of Asian and even world art circles. Excellent artists, curators and art workers can grow together here, give full play to their individual talents and potentials, and open up new textures and infinite possibilities for contemporary art. Looking forward to driving, creating, and innovating with Hive to join this exciting wave. ”

Laura Shao studied at Shanghai Fudan University and Manchester University, then joined Christie’s Hong Kong Limited in 2017. She has in-depth knowledge and insight into the internal operations of multinational art industry giants. Later, Laura Shao served as an expert in the 20th and 21st century art department. Laura Shao also is committed to promoting the development of contemporary art in the Asian region with innovation and enthusiasm, being responsible for customer development, and providing discerning guidance and advice to collectors on their purchases. Laura Shao has participated in the overall planning of a number of innovative debut projects, including the realization of Asia’s first NFT art auction, Christie’s first online private exhibition, and “RADIANCE: Jean-Michel Basquiat Masterpieces Exhibition”.

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