Leng Guangmin, born in 1986, attracted attention even before he graduated from art school for the unique boldness and thought-provoking tension in his artworks. In his recent works, pieces of furniture have become the focus of the picture. His intent, however, is not to depict the pieces of furniture. His interest is not in depiction of a concrete object but instead focuses on the form of the object. In these paintings, the functionality of this furniture has been removed, the objects purified into flat shapes, and the linear relationships of these shapes used to carve up the painted plane. The undulating lines and their shifting density create abstract images with a sense of rhythm. For Leng Guangmin, the shapes of the furniture are more like “readymades.” His job is to arrange and stack these readymades on the picture. Precision is the key to this work. One tiny lapse will destroy the rhythm of the picture. These furniture shapes are to Leng Guangmin as lines and color fields are to Mondrian. 

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