Hive Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of Painting,curated by artist Geng Jianyi on Aug 1st . The exhibition will feature the works of Dong Dayuan, Wang Yongliang, Yu Huijian, Duan Jianwei.


Painting emphasizes the presentation of art form itself by blocking the interference of  over-interpretive texts; as an interactive program, Painting invites the viewers to participate in the exhibition with individual feelings in order to break away from the established standard or paradigm of artistic exhibition and explore the possibilities of the way-of-seeing in contemporary arts.


The exhibition hall is divided into four sections by a cross passage where the works of four artists, varying from completed works to sketches, are featured respectively. The works cover diverse techniques and themes with various medias as canvas, panel, acrylic, ink on paper and watercolor, etc. The passage that constructs the exhibition space refers to the cross-like frame supporting the canvas which encourages the participants invited to scribble, paint or write on the wall of the passage where their ideas and feelings related to the artworks can be expressed productively. Thus, the possibilities of creation and way-of-seeing in the exhibition are to be discussed.

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