2019. Oil on canvas. 248×327cm.

Three People by the Fish Pond

2019. Oil on canvas. 162×130cm.

A Small Community on a Green Sofa

2019. Oil on canvas. 116.5×91cm.

Black and White Photo Wall

2019. Oil on canvas. 248×333cm.


2019. Installation. 220×250×350cm.

Bedtime Stories D – Old house and new house

2019. FRP, wood, Iron bunk bed. Iron bunk bed: 192×90×232cm, wooden house: 120×90×55cm, FRP house: 120×90×55cm.

The Slide-Installation

2019. Wood slippery, Pottery. 325×260×310cm.

Flower Fish

2019. Oil on canvas. 45×53cm.

Braid Cabinet

2019. Pottery, wool, cabinet. 255×200×110cm.

Hair-braiding Hands

2019. Oil on canvas. 116×91cm.

Fish Pond

2019. Wood cabinet, iron fish, iron structure, wood fence, tile. Wood cabinet and iron structure 163x65x65cm, iron fish 85x20x50cm, pond 110H 152W 75D.

Dummies in the Cabinet

2018. Oil on canvas. 182×227cm.

Staircase Drama

2018. Oil on canvas. 248×333cm.

Bedtime Stories C

2018. Oil on canvas. 227×182cm.

Bird Pitching Device in Broken Sofa

2017. Oil on canvas. 130×162cm.

Dolls in Blue Closet

2017. Filled puppets, plastic dolls, wooden cabinets. 220×130×90cm.


2013. Steel and Putty Powder on Canvas. 248cm×78cm.

SHIH Yung Chun


Born in Taipei in 1978, Shih Yung Chun Graduated from B.F.A., Department of Western Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, currently lives and works in Taipei. The consuming products of the fast-paced economy and the accompanying influx of new things have engraved the deepest memories in the artist’s life experience. The old objects, toys and furniture that often appear have become the evidence of the times and the containers of time, the irreplaceable emotional carriers of Shih Yung Chun’s works.


1978 Born in Taipei

2003 Graduated from B.F.A., Department of Western Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Pre-construction: Solo Exhibition, Hive Center, Beijing

2016 Family Handcraft, 798 Line Gallery, Beijing

2015 Game Instructions, Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong

2014 Delicate Vintage Shop Project, Delicate Vintage Shop, Taipei, Taiwan

2013 Zakka, Piaopiao Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 Soap Opera, 798 LINE GALLERY, Beijing, China

2005 Reluctant to Forget, then, Look at it one more time, Tzi- Chong 284, Guandu, Taiwan


Group Exhibitions

2018 How do you Define ARTIST?, Frees ART, Taipei, Taiwan

          Antique, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan

          Cruel Story of Youth, YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2016 HOPE- Charity Exhibition, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 The Theater Of The Absurd, YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2013 Hidden Track, Art Experience Hk, Hong Kong

2012 Future Pass, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

          The Face of Time, Piaopiao Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

          Near of Far- Group Exhibition of Young Artists, 798 LINE GALLERY, Beijing, China

2010 Contemporary Images, TIN ART Contemporary Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan

2003 Painting, South-North Gallery of Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

          Working Museum, Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

          Group Exhibition of the Yard, Working Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

          Living Condition, House Experimental Exhibition Space, Taipei, Taiwan

          Process, Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2002 “Story of Banqiao”, Banqiao Community College, Taipei, Taiwan

           First Floor Indoor, Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Selected Award

2011 Tai Kai Award, Geisai Taiwan #3, Taiwan


Selected Public Collections

Oil Paintings and Installations Collection, White Rabbit Museum, Sydney, Australian

2015 Exercises before Sleep- Counting Sheep Instrument, Long Museum, China

          Delicate Vintage Shop Project. E- button throwing competition, Long Museum, China

2010 Youth Arts Collection of Works, Sketches Collection, National Museum of History, Taiwan

2003 Oil Paintings Collection, Shuan-Ho Art Exhibition, Taiwan

Pre-Construction: Migration and Farewell

預售屋 – 時永駿 (圣坤评论)

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