SSSSTART Research Center will present the seventh exhibition of Genealogy Study of Artists Pu Yingwei: Obscure Adventure — Speculative Pop & Pan-Chinesism on 2021 March 20th.

The exhibition Obscure Adventure — Speculative Pop & Pan-Chinesism can be understood as either a painting thesis or a visual manifesto of artist Pu Yingwei. Pu selected 9 works from the historical collection of contemporary art of Start Museum and created a series of new paintings corresponding to each of them. As a young artist, Pu attempts to make a local response to the historical context of Chinese contemporary art in Start Museum Collection. The artist revisits and reorganizes the referential relationships in the works of early Chinese contemporary artists from his personal perspective, which makes it possible for these symbols and images that have been regarded as visual classics to have a new relationship with the present.

This exhibition includes 12 works from Pu Yingwei. In addition to presenting Pu’s recent paintingEmpire Font Series, he uses a variety of painting techniques (which also responds to his art background) to create unique visual expressions for each painting. Meanwhile, the exhibition will also present some of the original works from Start Museum Collection involved in the concept of this project, including Li Shan’sThe Seventh Day of Every Week No.67, Liu Xiaodong’s Broccoli and Mushroom, Mao Xuhui’s Glossary of Power Series, Wang Guangyi’s Quick-Drying Industrial Paint No.3, and Wu Shanzhuan’s 32 Wrongly-Written Characters: 3/3.

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