In June 2021, the nomination list for the 2020-2021 Porsche “Chinese Young Artist Biennial Selection” was officially announced. The Selection is co-sponsored by Porsche China and Shanghai Wenshe Art Foundation (Cc Foundation) and co-organized by ART021 Shanghai 21st Contemporary Art Fair. Hive Center For Contemporary Art artists Wang Yi and Pu Yingwei were nominated and participated in the nominated exhibition “Spectacles” at the 9th Shanghai ART021 Art Fair. The exhibition brings together the personal masterpieces of 12 nominated artists. Through innovative and diverse art forms, Shows the multi-dimensional forward-thinking and critical attention of young artistic talents to current social issues.

Wang Yi

Jacobine: While advancing the language of painting, Wang Yi hopes to throw seemingly formalized abstract elements into a larger narrative context. The same graphics and colors may have completely different meanings in different national cultures and eras. Specific objects, buildings, events and even ideologies that appear in history or current reality can also be integrated with the most basic geometric symbols. He then generalizes the projections and hide his will using vector graphics.

Hub: Wang Yi uses the traditional painting techniques of the Renaissance in this series. The smooth plaster base is initially made and then he uses pencils, rulers and other tools to repeatedly “infinitely” divide into triangles, diamonds, etc. From the pursuit of an absolutely balanced order to a fluidly fluttering structure, this change refers to Wang Yi’s cognitive difference between social and abstract structure.

Overlap: The subtle changes of natural elements in this abstract painting are revealed, and the mist, water and crystals condense softly together, giving the picture a hazy texture like a lake. Wang Yi create a very electronic visual experience over a long period of time. He provokes the viewer to examine the boundaries of the self and the other, as well as the relationship between the moment and the eternal.

Pu Yingwei

Modern Architecture: The Dwelling of Thought: To Pu Yingwei, this creation is a continuation of the “collectivist modern architecture” that began in France and later extended to China. The geometric frame and the image documents taken by the artist are used in the painting together to constitute a “modern living machine”, which is related to energy, belief, technology and identity. In terms of graphic style, the work continues the “imperial font” invented by the artist and the political pop visual language that has been repeatedly quoted and interpreted recently. The artist hopes that this work is a retrospective of his own experience in China and France, as well as a sliced summary of the utopian architectural practice since mankind entered the twentieth century. This project was commissioned by Sifang Contemporary Art Museum.

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