2021. Foam blocks, stone paint. 32×33×83cm.


2021. Foam blocks, stone paint. 46×26×125cm.

Red Tiger (Hua): Third-World Hunting
Pu Yingwei

2021. Oil on canvas, paper collage, stamps, silkscreen, gold and silver leaf, markers, paint pens, spray paint, mineral paint, pastel, oil pastel. 200×120cm, 200×180cm.

Gray Portrait
Tan Yongqing

2021. Acrylic on canvas. 140×150cm.

coco field
Zhang Ji

2021. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 240×220cm.

I lost my right eye, too.
Zhang Ji

2021. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 180×150cm.

Buddhist Deity in South
Zhu Zhengming

2020. Ink and color on silk. 103.5×120cm.

Liu Gang

2019. Mixed media on paper, colored non-reflective acrylic, stainless steel frame. 139.5×137cm.

Copying Song Dynasty Album – Yellow Oriole on Pomegranate Branch
Song Ling

2019. Water and ink on paper. 170×87cm ×2.

Hive Center for Contemporary Art is excited to announce our participation in the 2021 edition of JINGART 艺览北京 this coming week. JINGART 2021 is open from June 10 to 13 at Beijing Exhibition Centre. We will see you at Booth A11!

Artists | 艺术家
Aspartime | 阿斯巴甜
Duan Jianwei | 段建伟
Fang Yuan | 方媛
Gong Chenyu | 龚辰宇
Li Weiyi | 李维伊
Liang Quan | 梁铨
Liu Gang | 刘刚
Pu Yingwei | 蒲英玮
Qian Jiahua | 钱佳华
Song Kun | 宋琨
Song Ling | 宋陵
Tan Yongqing | 谭永勍
Wang Wenting | 王文婷
Xia Yu | 夏禹
Yu Linhan | 于林汉
Zhang Ji | 张季
Zhu Zhengming | 祝铮鸣

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