As one of the representative artists of Chinese contemporary ink, Pan Wenxun not only absorbed into her creation the art of modeling and color in ancient Dunhuang frescoes, but also inherited the modern ink and color creation initiated by artists such as Lin Fengmian for a fusion of China and the West, and, through her delicate feminine feelings and from a particular perspective, created an unrestrained ink and color world full of inner spirit. Her works are graceful, tranquil, implicit and purified, betraying a rare kind of free and detached contemporary temperament and thus forming a sharp contrast especially with the currently popular culture of urban bedlam. And the composition and coloring of the paintings work themselves out as Pan pleases; her graceful and vivid figures constitute a peculiar world of animism with trees, rocks, lotuses, birds, etc., so there is always a kind of mild and serene melodies flowing in her works, which allow the audience to feel her solid self-cultivation in life and art and her deep understanding of the spirit of ink.

The exhibits are the artist’s latest works in 2015, with subject matters partly being the continuation of her previous somewhat classical creation, particularly including a series of portraits she created for the familiar people around her. The subjects of these works include both her children and the children of her friends; definite as all these subjects are, the portraits are not entirely focused on the description of certain figures, but also on the use of the inner language of every painting. The portraits of the children or the main characters in the paintings are outlined in light ink and colored in green and blue, and the style is simple and saturated, particularly her delicate and lifelike lines, which not only render the portraits accurate and vivid but also give away an indescribable kind of inner tenderness and affection of the artist. Unlike dealing with the subjects, the flower branches in the backgrounds are painted with the natural and unrestrained boneless method, and, alternating between dense and light, the verdant and untrammeled color is not only natural and relaxing but also strict and neat.

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