Hive Center for Contemporary art is pleased to announce that Wu Yi’s solo exhibition A Carefree Excursion will be inaugurated on June 1st 2014. This show is curated by Zhu Zhu and will last until July 6.


The exhibition includes ten units:1.The Paris Dairy, 2. No.9 Fuxing Road, 3. Aschaffenburg, 4. Ofuna Station, 5.Dunhuang, 6.Kyoto, 7. Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, 8. Ma Po, 9. Portrait of Sages, 10. Prague.


The featured works were created between 2002 and 2014. Aside from his renown ink on paper works, the exhibition will also show works of other medium, such as oil paintings and sculptures.


A major part of the works are Wu Yi’s travel notes, in the form of words and images, of his field trips alone in the foreign countries. He has set foot on France, Japan, Germany, Czech and many other places: he has traveled all along to the leisure and romantic city of Prague and also has reached deep into the boundless desert of Dunhuang all by himself.


This exhibition will be presented as ‘a collective show of one man’, offering an extraordinary visual feast for the audiences.

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