2019. Oil on canvas. 30×120cm.

French Platanus

2019. Oil on canvas. 160×100cm.

Perfect Model

2018. Oil on canvas. 240 x 600cm.

Thucydides’s Trap

2018. Oil on canvas. 80×125cm.

Suspension Pool

2018. Oil on canvas. 30×120cm.

Distant Relation

2018. Oil on canvas. 30×120cm.


2018. Oil on canvas. 30×120cm.


2017. Oil on canvas. 160×120cm.

White Glove

2017. Oil on canvas. 120×160cm.

International Channel

2017. Oil on canvas. 150×300cm.

Blue Chain

2017. Oil on canvas. 125×80cm.


2017. Oil on canvas. 120×160cm.


2017. Oil on canvas. 100×80cm.

Colour Layers and Boundary NO.30

2017-2018. Oil on canvas. 40×30cm.


2017. Oil on canvas. 30×25cm.

Every Politic NO.93

2016. Oil on canvas. 25×60cm.

Every Politic NO.94

2016. Oil on canvas. 25×60cm.

Nameless Mountain

2016. Oil on canvas. 200×420cm.


2016-2018. Oil on canvas. 73×90cm.

Colour Layers and Boundary NO.7

2016. Oil on canvas. 25×30cm.

White Cube

2015-2018. Oil on canvas. 120×160cm.

Break Down

2014. Oil on canvas. 80×100cm.

Changlong Li

1975 Born in Guizhou Province

1999 Graduated from Southwest China Normal University, Fine Arts College

2002 Teaching at Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts

Now lives in Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Offshore: li Changlong, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2016 Li Changlong, Ginkgo Art Center, Beijing

2009 Every Step Different Views, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China

2007 This is Not My Landscape, Zendai MOMA, Shanghai, China


Group Exhibitions

2018 China Contemporary Art Year Exhibition, Minsheng Museum, Beijing, China

          Within Sight: Chinese New Painting at Post Financial Crisis Era, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

          Unbounded, La Casa del Mantegna, Italy

          Benevolence of Art, Hive Center for Contemporary Art,Shenzhen, China

          Pleasance themed exhibition, The Barn Contemporary Art Space,Shenzhen, China

2016 Scarcity & Supply International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Nanjing, China

          Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper, Waterfront Gallery, London, UK

2015 The Story of Painting Inaugural exhibition of Ginkgo Art Center, Ginkgo Art Center,  Beijing, China

          Concept and Language in Painting Process: Image Research Room(NO.2), Rightview Art Museum, Beijing, China

          Within Chinese New Painting at Post-Financial Crisis Sight, Foundation Taylor, Paris, France

          Blow-Up: Chinese New Painting at Post-Financial Crisis Era, Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China

2014 Within Chinese New Painting at Post-Financial Crisis Sight, Poly Art Museum, Beijing

          Art-frontier Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang  Art Museum, Beijing

          Galerie Loft Contemporary Art Exhibition (China), Loft Gallery, Paris, France

          The 1st Xinjiang International Art Biennale, Xinjiang International Convention & Exhibition Center, Urumqi, China

2013 Free Breathing-Chinese Contemporary Distinguished Artists Exhibition, China Culture Center, Tokyo, Japan

2012 Recode-Reconstruction of Rhetoric and Narrative: 2012 Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

          Art-frontier contemporary art exhibition, Songzhuang  Art Museum, Beijing, China

          Social Landscape—Jinji Lake Biennale, Basai Contemporary Art Museum, Suzhou, China

          Memories and Imagination, Albemarle Gallery, London, UK

          Water Stains On The Wall-The Carrier Of Formation, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

2011 Chengdu Biennial-Reproduction Realization, Chengdu Modern Art Museum, Chengdu, China

          Fossil Like Dream, Shanghai Yuehu Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2010 METAMORPHOSES, World Gallery, Hong Kong

          Invisible Wings, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

          Image Consumption and Realistic Classics, Beijing, China

          Red Storm: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Gallery of the Netherlands, the Netherlands

          Reshaping History, China Youth new art Invitational Exhibition, Today Museum, Beijing, China

2009 Histoire Recente – China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chateau Latour Art Museum, France

          Art and Cultural Vision at Moment: The First Chongqing Biennale for the Young Artists, Chongqing Exhibition Centre, China

2008 5.4 + 5.6 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Basai Art Centre, Palais des Nations, Marseilles, France

          Future Sky – Chinese Young Contemporary Artist Works Selection Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

          People? History — Exhibition of Studies of Chinese Art of the 20th Century, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

          Collection and Self-Control – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Taiwan

          Shadowy Landscape, Zero Field, Beijing, China

2007 Transparent Puzzle – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tibet Museum

          New Power? China – Shanghai Nomination Exhibition’, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2006 New Power? China – Shanghai Biennale, Yuan Gong Art Museum, Shanghai, China



Australia White Rabbit Museum

Chengdu Modern Art Museum

Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art,

Wall Art Gallery

Shanghai Basel Arts Center

Sichuan Fine Art Institute Museum

Offshore: A Turn of Li Changlong in Painting

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